Alabama Frontier Days '99

Here are some sights from the 1999 Alabama Frontier Days At Ft. Toulouse

This event, held the first weekend in November, traces the history of Middle Alabama from the French occupation early in the 1700s through the English, and later American periods up to the early 1800s.

Ft. Toulouse itself, is a recreation of the second stockade at this site. Ft. Jackson is an American fort which was located near the original Ft. Toulouse site.

The fort would be a place of refuge and trade for woodsmen and Indians of the area, as well as a gathering place for trading and other vital communications.

People from all walks of life would visit the fort. In times of peace they would mingle in and around the fort.

These are a few of the glimpses of the past.

The settlers on the frontier would come to trade their surplus for goods which they couldn't produce themselves. They would typically camp near the fort so that if danger threatened (which it frequently did), they could retreat to the safety of the fort with it's garrison of soldiers and Marines.

If you would like more information about Ft. Toulouse and the activities held there, contact: Fort Toulouse (Pre-French & Indian War Fort in Central Alabama)

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