Documents of Historical Interest

General Information

The Practice of Scalping During the French and Indian War

The Long Hunters of Skin House Branch

Journals and Specific Places and Events

Shelby's Fort and "Squabble State"

Alexander Henry's Travels and Adventures

Dr. Thomas Walkers Journals A Record of his Travels in present day Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia
March 6, 1749/50 through July 13, 1750

George Washington's Journals Transcribed from the Maryland Gazzette

Nimham's Indian Company of 1778 The events leading up to the Stockbridge Massacre of August 31, 1778

Chronology of Robert Benge, also called Chief Bench One of the most Famous Cherokee Chiefs during the late 1700's

Timelines and Indexes of Information

Eighteenth Century Resources

Historic Pittsburg

Miami Indian Ethnohistory Archives

Primary Source Documents Chronological Listing of Documents through the year 1800

Digital History, LTD. The Gateway to the Past

The Early American Review

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