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These are some of the folks that we have found to be the most interesting and useful around. There are many more of them that should be here, and if you'll e-mail their information to us, we'll be more than happy to include them.

Please only send those whom you have personal experience with, and you can personally speak for their integrity and quality!

Period Sutlers and Provisioners

General Merchandise for Black Powder Lovers

Firearms From a Variety of Makers

A Wealth of Horns  

"Spike" Hale's Beautiful Period Correct Knives and Accoutrements

Fine Period Correct Knives and Accoutrements from Double Edge Forge

Tim Ridge's Fine Period Correct Knives and Accoutrements

Ken Scott's Beautiful Period Correct Museum Quality Pouches

The Leatherman- Beautiful Pouches from Gary Fatherree

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