Georgia's Frontier

This is an example of one of the early "forts" on the southern frontier. This is Fort Yargo, which is located in Georgia near Winder.

As you can see, this is nothing more than a heavily built cabin with gun ports on each side. No approach is possible without being covered by more than one gun port. All of the openings are covered with heavy shutters.

This cabin has two floors with gun ports on both levels. There is plenty of room (by 18th century standards) for several families to stay inside during any threat of Indian raids. This was really built as a shelter for the English settlers to stay in during the frequent clashes between the Creek and Cherokee tribes, as this area was right in the middle of the territorial boundary between these tribes.

Note the large sill beams around the floor of the cabin, and how the whole structure was supported by the rock pilings. This is a typical southern construction which let the inhabitant's livestock take shelter under the house in bad weather. It also allowed the breeze to circulate under the house. This kept the dampness inherent to the region from building up under the cabin and rotting the floors and other woodwork of the building.

The historical marker for Fort Yargo reads as follows.

"This remarkably preserved log blockhouse was built in 1793, according to historians. There are several references to Fort Yargo as existing prior to 1800. It's location is given as three miles southwest of Jug Tavern (original name for Winder).

Early historians say Fort Yargo was one of four forts built by Humphries Brothers to protect early settlers from Indians. The other three forts were listed as at Talassee, Thomocoggan (now Jefferson, Ga.), and Groaning Rock (now Commerce, Ga.)."

This is a very good article about one of the earliest battles in Colonial Georgia.

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