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Welcome to the Southern Mountain Heritage Home Page

This Page is dedicated to the men and women who pioneered this great country of ours, and  particularly to those who explored and settled the great southern wilderness.

Our desire is to open a window in time that is a true and exact view of specific times, events and places in our historic past. We hope to add historically accurate places and events to our page as quickly as possible, so that others might share our Southern Mountain Heritage with us.

We have included a broad selection of interests, so that (hopefully) everyone who has an interest in the southern mountains will find something of interest to them. There is everything from mountain music, and the crafts of our region, to the firearms and clothing of the old "Longhunters". As our picture broadens and fills out, we want to be able to provide information about all aspects of the lives and lifestyles of these great SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS.

If you have information, links, or pictures that would benefit the study of the southern mountain history, please e-mail us so that we can add your VALUABLE input to this page. It has been our experience that there is very little information about this region that has survived the Civil War and it's destruction of public and church records. Any information that you may have or be aware of could be invaluable to the study of our region, and so we really need your input.

Forts, Settlements and Stations Look here for Historical Links in the Southeastern states. New information added! 3/11/2001

Sutlers and Friends Updated 9/29/2000

Our Photo Album Updated 12/9/2000 with pictures of a new Rifle! You have to see this one!!

Documents of Historical Interest Important NEW ADDITION 11/22/2000

Downloadable Resources for Muzzleloaders

State By State BP Doin's

Black Powder Doin's in Alabama

Black Powder Doin's in Florida

Black Powder Doin's in Georgia Updated 9/29/2000

Be sure to check out the new photographs in our Photo Album!

If you have information about specific events, places and times which you feel would be of value to this page, please e-mail us at:

Dan Lambert

Here in the southern mountains, it's considered bad manners to come to the area and not stop in for a visit. The only way we have to know you came by is for you to sign our guest book.

Please take a moment to sign our book so we can know all of the friends that came to visit.

This information is for our use only and will not be distributed or shared with anyone else.

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