Purveyors of Period Accurate Accoutrements

The sutlers you'll find here are able to provide you with items that are correct for most Living History applications as well as for those of us who would like to create or improve on their own personal persona.

Sutlers of Note


Shayna L. Sweigert - (Period Correct Horn and Bag Straps)

Eagle Mountain Trading - Blankets, Yarn, Camp Supplies, and a variety of other goods.

Blue heron Mercantile - Purveyor of all types of fine Dry Goods, and more!

Jas. Townsend & Sons, Inc. - (All Types of clothes and Period Accurate Reproductions)

Northwest Traders Home Page - (Whitney "Point" Blankets, Capotes, &c.)

Duluth Packs' Home Page - (Period Packs and other Supplies)

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