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This is a .62 caliber flintlock Jackie Brown Carolina Smoothbore. It has a  beautiful full length stock with a hand rubbed oil finish on it. Because of the design of the stock and the width of the butt plate, this is a very comfortable gun to shoot, even with heavy charges of shot.

It uses a large Siler flintlock for ignition, and has a very graceful and comfortable single trigger.

Being a smoothbore, it has no rear sight, although one could be fitted. It has a small front sight, and is designed to be shot like a shotgun. It can shoot either shot or patch and ball, so it is a very versatile hunters gun

Jackie can be contacted by e-mail at Jackie Brown.

If you have photographs of some of the settlements , forts, artifacts or weapons that are correct to this time period (1740-1850), please let us know so that we can include them in our photo album.

Please send e-mail to: Dan Lambert

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