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This is a .58 caliber Early Transitional style rifle. It is very Jaegerish in style, with a Chamber's Christian Springs Lock. It features a stepped wrist, sliding wooden patchbox, ebony nose cap and cheekpiece, and plenty of relief and incised carving. With a 44 inch octagon to round barrel, it is  very manageable for a rifle of this length, and mounts and points as if it were much shorter.

This is the type of rifle that would be appropriate for the mid 1750s and a little later. Although the "Transitional Rifle" is not a documented piece, this is what would be considered the "missing link" between the Jaeger rifles from Germany and the Early American Longrifles of Virginia and Pennsylvania. This rifle is styled as if it were a Jaeger that had been restocked and rebarreled.

The barrel is blued, and the rest of the mounting is all armory bright. The lock plate and trigger guard are beautifully engraved. The ram rod pipes and the trigger guard are items that would fit perfectly on a Jaeger rifle, as is the buttplate.

This rifle was built for me by Ryan McNabb. You can visit his web site at for a few more pictures of this rifle and some of his other work. 

If you have photographs of some of the settlements , forts, artifacts or weapons that are correct to this time period (1740-1850), please let us know so that we can include them in our photo album.

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